Talk of the Town

Here's what people are saying about COTI:


The biggest difference here is the tantrums. She has learned a lot of more appropriate coping skills (I have too!), and is self-regulating much better! This has been a big area of stress, and a huge improvement. Thank you!!


He loved the interaction, the fun, the play. He didn't even realize he was working.


The engine check really helped to raise his awareness; the activities gave him a sense of self accomplishment and pride.


We had an amazing experience at COTI. My son made many strides on some very challenging aspects of his sensory disorder. He is doing great and it is absolutely because he had great therapists who could address his specific needs in ways that engaged him fully.


My daughter has become much more confident in her gross motor skills and has learned constructive ways to cope with anxiety.


School has reported a dramatic improvement in my son's interactions with peers and his focus and attention in group.


[My daughter’s therapists] took the time to educate her on her disorder which gave her great comfort. She had always been so fearful, not understanding WHY she felt the way she did and struggled with things that other kids did not. Educating her gave her a sense of control and understanding.


In the 11 years of his life I have NEVER seen this much growth in him in such a short period.