History of COTI

Who is COTI?
For over 30 years, COTI has been Cincinnati’s expert in the field of occupational therapy. The largest occupational therapy private practice in the area, COTI is owned and operated by therapists.
Our therapists are uniquely skilled at helping clients of all ages achieve or regain independence by offering creative adaptations and alternatives for carrying out daily activities, as well as remediating dysfunction through appropriate therapeutic modalities. Our therapists are some of the best in their discipline, and contribute to COTI’s reputation as a leader in the occupational therapy community. From pediatric to adult care, we offer the support to overcome throughout a lifetime.

COTI Services
Cincinnati Occupational Therapy Institute provides evaluation and treatment directly to children and adults with occupational therapy needs. These services are frequently covered by health insurance or may be provided as part of a contractual arrangement with the school or facility serving the client. We also provide support to families, schools, and other agencies through consultation and education.
COTI staff are regularly asked to give presentations for parent and professional organizations. We participate within the OT community offering our clinic space for training students, and teaching in various forums including clinics, classrooms, and conferences.