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Amanda has always had fun playing with kids and making sure they are safe. This is why she loves being an OT! She loves all the swings at COTI and always has fun playing new games. When she is not at COTI, she likes to spend time with her family and friends, make crafts, and cheer on the Musketeers at Xavier basketball games.


Cathy loves to play and have fun with kids!  She loves her job because she gets to play with kids all day long.  Miss Cathy enjoys listening to children’s ideas and playing fun games with them.  When Miss Cathy is not at work, she enjoys playing at home with her 5 children.  They love to play sports, go to the park, ride their bikes, go snow/water skiing, and just have fun!


Eletta’s favorite thing to do is playing with kids in the gyms at COTI.  She grew up playing in the mountains and on the beaches of South Africa. She has a South African accent and sounds a little different than the other Americans. She loves imaginary games like traveling the world as an explorer. When she is not at COTI playing, she spends time with her daughter and cat, Juliana, who loves to crawl into her lap.


Jackie is a big kid at heart and she is always getting in trouble from her own big kids for playing with the children at church when she is supposed to be paying attention!  She has 3 big kids of her own who keep her running.  She likes to bake brownies and cookies as well as read lots of books. She enjoys painting colorful pictures and pieces of furniture and likes to imagine that she is a famous painter.


Jeremy really enjoys playing all sorts of different games. He likes hearing all the great ideas that kids have when they come to work and play at COTI.  When he is not playing at COTI, he enjoys painting pictures. He also likes to play soccer, ride his bike and his skateboard.  Some of his friends say it can be hard to read his writing so he has to remember to pay attention when he is writing important stuff!


Kristen loves to play, make crafts, and learn new things.  Miss Kristen really likes solving puzzles and problems and sometimes pretends she’s a detective.  She loves working with kids to solve problems together!  Miss Kristen knows everyone has things in their lives that are tricky, and she works really hard to help kids find their own ways to make the tricky things easier.  When she isn’t helping kids at school, she is home hanging out with her husband, 3 boys, and their dog, Scout.


Lisa has worked for COTI a really long time. She primarily works at a school with students from 3 to 18 years old. She loves to create her own games and will let you help set the rules. Puzzles, mazes and word games are a lot of fun too. She likes to do arts and crafts and doesn’t mind getting her hands messy. In her free time she enjoys walking her two dogs in the park, reading and watching scary movies!


Liz has been working at COTI since she graduated from Xavier University and still loves cheering on the Musketeers’ basketball team.  When she went to school there, she used to paint herself blue for all of the games! Liz and her family like going to parks to play on new playgrounds.  She likes trying foods from different cultures but nothing that involves seafood.  She enjoys playing cards and word scramble games because those are the games she likes to think that she is good at!


Tara loves going on adventures with the kids that come to play at COTI. She enjoys blasting off into outer space in her cool airwalker swing spaceship and swinging on swings like monkeys. She even likes drawing silly pictures and playing board games. She has two cats named Dexter and Fritz. When Miss Tara isn’t playing at COTI she is playing at home with her two little boys who love climbing, jumping and creating all sorts of fun.