Private Schools

Private Schools


Cincinnati Occupational Therapy Institute has been providing services in private schools in different capacities for many years.  Now with the advent of the Jon Peterson Scholarship Programs many more private schools are looking for occupational therapists who can work with their students and who are familiar with the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) regulations.  You have come to the right place.  COTI, because of our presence in the public schools for over two decades, are the experts you are looking for.  Our staff of skilled occupational therapists are trained in the ODE regulations, IDEA, and the IEP process.  They attend an annual meeting to learn of any changes in regulation or procedure and have a dedicated school-based supervisor to consult with when there are questions that need answering.

COTI provides the following services in private schools:                                                                                                                                       

Consutation – to your staff on a particular issue related to individual students, classrooms as a whole, a particular area of concern, or the classroom environment

Inservice training – formal topical presentations to your staff.

Evaluation – of a particular student.  This may be at the request of the student’s district of residence or at the request of the family or private school outside the IEP process. 

Treatment – as determined by the IEP, or in addition to the IEP if those services are warranted, the family agrees and alternative funding (outside of the school’s district of residence) is determined.

Why OT

Occupational therapy enhances learning by addressing the following:

Motor Coordination/Planning which may result in problems with:

  • – Play skills
  • – Life skills
  • – Learning new tasks
  • – Organizational skills


Sensory Processing Difficulties resulting in problems with:

  • – Attention
  • – Distractibility/Impulsivity
  • – Inappropriate behavior
  • – Readiness to learn
  • – Endurance/fatigue


Inappropriate Social Interactions resulting in problems with:

  • – Peer relations
  • – Cooperative play
  • – Following rules/directions


Handwriting Dysfunction resulting in problems with:

  • – Poor legibility/ letter formation
  • – Atypical grasp
  • – Unwillingness to write