Public Schools & Charter Schools

Public Schools And Charter Schools

COTI works with public, private and public charter schools as well as other organizations providing services to children. COTI can provide:

  • All the occupational therapy services for the entire district
  • Services to supplement your current staff
  • Extended School Year services
  • Short term coverage
  • Services for children attending home or virtual schools

COTI partners with school personnel to provide integrated services according to the programmatic needs of the school:

  • Evaluation of each student’s abilities through a variety of functional, behavioral, and standardized assessments; skilled observation; checklists; histories and interviews; and collaboration with the interdisciplinary school team on the ETR and IEP.
  • Individual therapy provided in the classroom environment or in a separate area based on the needs of the student.
  • Small groups so students can practice skills in context with peers and are challenged to work collaboratively with peers.
  • Response to intervention assistance can be given on an individual and/or school-wide level based on needs of the school and staff.
  • Inservice training to share OT principles with staff to incorporate these concepts into the classroom schedule.
  • After school groups that provide additional opportunities for learning by targeting specific skills to enhance occupational performance.
  • Extended school year services can be provided as determined necessary by your district’s ESY program.
  • Modifications to a student’s environment, activities, or assignments are necessary in order to increase participation.
  • Second opinion evaluations offer an unbiased second opinion from an independent source in the evaluation of a student.
  • Transition services to facilitate independence in life skills and/or employment as part of the interdisciplinary team.

Why OT

Occupational therapy enhances learning by addressing the following:

Motor Coordination/Planning which may result in problems with:

  • – Play skills
  • – Life skills
  • – Learning new tasks
  • – Organizational skills


Sensory Processing Difficulties resulting in problems with:

  • – Attention
  • – Distractibility/Impulsivity
  • – Inappropriate behavior
  • – Readiness to learn
  • – Endurance/fatigue


Inappropriate Social Interactions resulting in problems with:

  • – Peer relations
  • – Cooperative play
  • – Following rules/directions


Handwriting Dysfunction resulting in problems with:

  • – Poor legibility/ letter formation
  • – Atypical grasp
  • – Unwillingness to write