COTI offers consultation services to private school staff. Consultation can be provided to meet needs in the following areas:

 Individual students

Recommendation and help with implementation of strategies for a particular child.

120 minute minimum

Upon referral from a teacher and parent permission, COTI will observe a child in the school environments in which the child is having difficulty. A review of background history relevant to difficulties in the classroom and an interview with the teacher to further assist in identifying needs will be completed. An outline of recommendations will be provided to the teacher during a consultation meeting. Follow up in order to review strategy effectiveness may also be recommended.



Focus is on the needs of a specific class or within a group of children.

Observation with recommendations related to meeting sensory needs within the classroom to promote optimal learning will be conducted. This may be an observation of a particular type of activity or with a particular teacher or could also include time the class is in different environments such as specials.



Focus is on enhancing sensory opportunities in different environments.

Children may have difficulty on the playground, in the cafeteria, motor room or other settings. Recommendations will be made for meeting sensory needs of the larger school community in settings that can be challenging. A report with recommendations will be provided following observations. Follow-up visits can be arranged if determined to be necessary.

Why OT

Occupational therapy enhances learning by addressing the following:

Motor Coordination/Planning which may result in problems with:

  • – Play skills
  • – Life skills
  • – Learning new tasks
  • – Organizational skills


Sensory Processing Difficulties resulting in problems with:

  • – Attention
  • – Distractibility/Impulsivity
  • – Inappropriate behavior
  • – Readiness to learn
  • – Endurance/fatigue


Inappropriate Social Interactions resulting in problems with:

  • – Peer relations
  • – Cooperative play
  • – Following rules/directions


Handwriting Dysfunction resulting in problems with:

  • – Poor legibility/ letter formation
  • – Atypical grasp
  • – Unwillingness to write