Occupational Therapy For Adults

COTI has been providing services in the greater Cincinnati area for over 30 years! We are experts in the area of sensory integration but use other approaches and frames of reference depending on your needs. Please see below to find out more about evaluation and treatment.

Evaluation And Treatment
If you are interested in getting started you can check out the video on the home page or go directly to the intake section under families to get started. In order to get scheduled for an evaluation you must complete a client information form and an adult questionnaire and send them in to our office. The adult forms are located at the bottom of the intake page.

The model for evaluation and treatment of adults with sensory processing disorders tends to be a collaborative process. This begins with a discussion about daily routines and difficulties or disruptions that are a result of difficulties with sensory challenges from your enviornment.

An important aspect of treatment for the adult is developing strategies to cope with sensory challenges that may involve changes in routines or approaches to activities and leisure opportunities that may help to meet sensory needs on an ongoing basis.